• I, II, III category — 12 EUR
• IV, V, VI, VII category — 15 EUR 
• А: Duet, Trio — 10 EUR per participant
• For 4 to 8 participants — 8 EUR per participant
• From 9 participants — 6 EUR per participant
• 4 EUR per participant
Music Video Clip:
• 12 EUR

You can pay your entrance donation in several ways:
1. Via international systems of urgent money transfers: Western Union or MoneyGram.

At any Western Union or MoneyGram branch (including Internet banking), you need to transfer the required amount of the contribution in UAH to Danyliuk Mykola, after which you will receive a 10-digit control number. This control number (and, if possible, a copy of the payment document) you need to send to with a note in the subject line Contribution — Surname / name of the participant / name of the ensemble. After that, you will receive an answer confirming the payment of the fee and that you are a participant in the competition.

2. You can pay using the PaySend service:

• Follow this link and register
• Indicate the transfer transfer amount in Euros (…), and the amount received in Ukrainian currency (UAH), the service will automatically calculate, just select the Ukrainian currency (UAH) in the list and click “Start transfer”.
• Indicate the recipient’s card number in Ukraine (5168 7456 0328 2119), his surname and first name (Danyliuk Mykola).
• Enter the details of the sender: your surname, first name, address, information about your card.
• Pay for the transfer and SMS will be sent to your phone to confirm the payment. Everything!

Immediately after paying the charitable contribution, it is imperative to send a copy of the payment document (photo, scanner) to the email address